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What counts as a “handwashing facility” in global monitoring?

I've previously written about defining hygiene. In this post, I discuss what counts as a "handwashing facility" (HWF) for global monitoring purposes. Points arising that may not be obvious include: (i) an on-plot water point can be considered a HWF if that's where handwashing is most often practised (e.g. tubewell with handpump, yard tap); (ii)… Continue reading What counts as a “handwashing facility” in global monitoring?

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Human capital and WASH – a note

Possible mechanisms by which WASH increases human capital In labour economics, human capital is a worker’s stock of knowledge and skills which contributes to their productivity and earnings. Human capital accumulation is a process of developing skills within and beyond cognitive domains, in which the first 1,000 days of a child’s life are crucial. In… Continue reading Human capital and WASH – a note

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What is transformative WASH?

Figure 1: Transformative in respect of what? This post summarises a note I have drafted on the definition of "transformative WASH", available here, with references. There has been a lot of talk about “transformative” WASH since the WASH-B, SHINE and MapSan results came out. I have previously written about those results here. The argument runs… Continue reading What is transformative WASH?