Previous projects

Selected research and policy-related projects undertaken while at Oxford Policy Management are listed below.

Project Role Countries Funder
Value for Money and Sustainability in WASH programmes (VFM-WASH), link Project Manager / Economist Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Mozambique, Nigeria, Pakistan, Zambia DFID
Diagnostic tools for faecal sludge management services, link Team Leader / Economist Bangladesh, Bolivia, Indonesia, Ethiopia, Peru WB
Support to the WASH Poverty Diagnostic, link Project Director Various countries WB
Private markets for water and faecal sludge management services in Port-au-Prince, link Team Leader / Economist Haiti WB
Tracking financial flows in Tunisia’s WASH sector using TrackFin, link Team Leader / Finance specialist Tunisia WB
Institutional analysis of urban sanitation in DRC, link Team Leader / WASH specialist DRC WB
Tracking climate finance and water security, link WASH specialist Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Zambia WaterAid
Evaluation of the WASH Results Programme, link WASH advisor Various countries DFID
Adaptation to Climate Change in Water, Sanitation and Hygiene, link Economist Malawi, Sierra Leone, Tanzania DFID
Evaluation of Tanzania’s Water Sector Development Programme, link Project Manager / Finance specialist Tanzania GoTz